Customized products with competitive price

Over hundreds of customized and standard models, we are one of the extremely few companies in Asia developed the core technology of Hysteresis brakes. We obtained patents in this area with the effort of over ten years R&D to provide excellent quality products and services with competitive price.


Success is in the details

We developed our own full motor testing system / Hysteresis Dynamometer including the Dynamometer Controller, Electric Analyser, software in different versions and every tiny but essential parts including the specialized mounting units like couplings and t-slot aluminum plate.


FIG 16

Emphasize customer service

Listening to the customers and providing professional service is our basic responsibility. Customer's feedbacks are the foundation of innovation and improvement of our products. That's why we often pay a visit to customers to record and analysis the data in actual applications of our products.

Thanks for coming our booth of 2016 ShangHai International Wire & Cable Industry Trade Fair

Date: 27 Sep - 29 Sep


The latest and customized hysteresis dynamometer has been developed successfully by our team with excellent feedback from the customer. We are excited to inform you that our dynamometer has reached 50 Nm Maximum torque , with 1000 rpm.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry and we will try our best to meet your requirement.

We are the exhibitor of Shenzhen (China) International Motor, Magnetic Materials, Coils Industry & Enameled Wires Exhibition.

Booth:  B147 , Hall 9 
Time:26-28 June, 2016 9:30am-17:00pm (Will be closed at 2:00pm on 28 June)

Your visit is our great pleasure!
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