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ET series Closed-loop Control Electronic Tensioner


Closed-loop tension control is achieved. The precision can be within 2% by automatic control (Limited to some models).

Multiple tensions can be set rapidly by changing the input signal for intelligent control purpose.
Tension is controlled by excitation currents to provide high precision and stability tension control, which is independent to winding speed.
Data monitoring and tension curve plotting is available by connecting with computers through RS232C port and our own-designed software. (Refers to figure below)

FIG 63
FIG 64
                    Software of tension monitor interface

Model Reference Wire Diameter Range (mm) Tension Range(g.f)
ET-30 Φ0.02-0.06 2-30
ET-50 Φ0.03-0.09 2-50
ET-100 Φ0.04-0.12 10-100
ET-200 Φ0.06-0.16 15-200
ET-300 Φ0.08-0.25 30-350
ET-500 Φ0.12-0.35 60-500
ET-1000 Φ0.15-0.45 100-1000
ET-2000 Φ0.20-0.60 200-2000
ET-5000 Φ0.30-1.00 500-5000
ET-10000 Φ0.50-1.80 2000-10000

ET-F series electronic tensioner

ET-F series electronic tensioner consists of two brakes. The bigger brake for thick wires with higher tension range, while the smaller brake for thin wires with lower tension range.

FIG 66    

Model Reference Wire Diameter Range (mm) Tension Range (g.f)
ET-2000-FL Small Brake Big Brake Small Brake Big Brake
Φ0.10-0.25 Φ0.20-0.60 50-500 200-2000

Customized models are available.

ETD Series Electronic Tensioner

The tension is adjusted by current provided. Anti-tension force is adjusted by the slider.

FIG 68           

Model Reference Wire Diameter Range (mm) Tension Range(g.f)
ETD-300 Φ0.10-0.25 30-300
ETD-500 Φ0.12-0.35 60-500
ETD-800 Φ0.14-0.40 100-800
ETD-1000 Φ0.15-0.45 100-1000
ETD-2000 Φ0.20-0.65 200-2000

ETC Series Electronic Tensioner

Hystyeresis brake is adopted to provide the tension force so that no physical contact is involved in the system besides the bearing inside. It greatly improves the smoothness, stability and consistency of tension control, especially for the high speed operation.

FIG 70        
Model Reference Wire Diameter Range (mm) Tension Range(g.f)
ETC-30 0.02-0.06 2-30
ETC-100 0.04-0.12 10-100
ETC-200 0.06-0.16 15-200
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