Selecting Hysteresis Brakes for Winding Machines with Tension Control

In the realm of machine building, hysteresis brakes are essential components for ensuring precise tension control in winding machines. These brakes operate through eddy currents induced in a conductive rotor, providing smooth and reliable torque without mechanical contact.

Key Specifications to Consider

1. Torque Requirements:

   Static and Dynamic Torque: Calculate the total torque required T as the sum of static T static and dynamic T dynamic torques. This ensures the brake can maintain tension against both static loads (e.g., material weight) and dynamic changes (e.g., acceleration/deceleration).

2. Power Rating:

   Power Dissipation Calculation: Use the equation P = T * n / 9.55 to determine power dissipation P, where T is the torque (Nm) and n is the number of rotation per minute (rpm). This helps assess the brake's ability to handle heat generated during operation, particularly at varying speeds.

3. Speed Considerations:

   Impact on Torque and Power: Speed directly influences torque requirements and power dissipation. Ensure the selected brake can provide adequate torque across the machine's operational speed range to maintain consistent tension control.

4. Size and Mounting Configuration:

   - Physical Compatibility: Consider the available space and mounting options (shaft-mounted, flange-mounted, etc.) to integrate seamlessly with other machine components like motors and drive systems.

5. Response Time and Control Characteristics:

   Operational Dynamics: Evaluate the brake's response time and control characteristics to ensure precise tension adjustments, minimizing oscillations and maintaining stability during winding operations.


Selecting the right hysteresis brake for a winding machine involves a thorough consideration of torque requirements, power dissipation at different speeds, physical compatibility, and control dynamics. By applying these specifications effectively, engineers can design and implement winding machines that offer reliable and efficient tension control, crucial for high-quality production in various industrial applications.

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