Intelligent Tension Control Unit


This Intelligent Tension Controller is designed for optimizing the performance of our own hysteresis brakes and clutches to work in different operating modes as required by varies of applications.

ITC outline

Operating Mode

Open-loop Control:
01: Current
02: Torque
03: Φ Sensing Control
04: Φ Calculation Control
Closed-loop Control:
05: PD Position Control
06: PI Pressure Control
07: PID Position or Pressure Control

Technical Parameters

Voltage for hysteresis brakes and clutches at nominal torque and coil temperature of 120°C 30 VDC
Allowed Residual Ripple 1.5V
Operating Voltage Range 24-36 VDC
Open Circuit Power Consumption < 150 mA
Maximum Input Current (Depending on unit size) 2.8 A
Voltage Output 10V±0.8V, 20 mA (Ra min=500Ω)
Input Resistance RE≥3.3kΩ
Ambient Temperature 0 to 50°C
Storage Temperature -30 to +70°C
Humidity DIN IEC68, part 2-30
Safety Class According To DIN 40 050 IP 30
Rack 92mm Plug-In Module
Connection 18-pin termainal
Weight 0.43 kg
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