Hysteresis Brakes


When electricity is applied to the field, it creates an internal magnetic flux. That flux is then transferred into a hysteresis disk passing through the field without the use of magnetic particles or friction components

As there is no direct contact in parts when the torque is generated, its life is long, while the torque is very accurate and smooth, throughout the entire speed range.

Standard Hysteresis Brakes                          Air-Cooled Hysteresis Brakes

Standard HB                  Air Cooled HB

Matched Hysteresis Brakes                             Hollow Shaft Hysteresis Brakes

Matched HB                 Hollow HB

Blower Hysteresis Brakes                              Power Optimized Hysteresis Brakes

BHB           EHB

Typical applications:

Central tension control system for multiple production lines like cables and reels.
motors testLife testing on electric motors, small gas engines, gearboxes and other rotating devices.

Open-loop tension control during the winding operation in transformer or coil manufacturing process

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