ETR-2000 Tensioner for Mask Production Machines (Code: )

ETR-2000 Tensioner for Mask Production Machines
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Traditional unwinding tensioners are mainly mechanical, using physical contact to generate a friction force to control the tension.

However, the tension keeps increasing when the unwinding diameter is getting smaller so that frequent manual adjustment on the tensioner is required. ETR series tensioners are able to reduce the output tension values gradually depending on the
unwinding diameters to keep the tension constant during the process.

Simply setting the initial tension value required and no more adjustment is needed, which is convenient and stable to be used.

To meet 99.99% pass rate for masks production and increase 30% speed of producing with the precise tenison control of non-woven fabric.


Demonstration of ETR-2000 on Running Mask Machine

ETR-2000 Datasheet
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