Large Range Tension Meter

FIG 31 

Wide range handheld digital tension meter is made of thickened aluminum, and two strengthened handles for extra stability. It is suitable for measuring thick steel cables, electric cables, wires, straps with wide tension range.

The maximum and minimum data are recorded (and erased after 4 seconds) automatically for a better observation on the dynamic peak of data.Real-time measurement recording of maximum, minimum, average values (up to 200 groups of data)Power saving system to set the autopower-off time with optional 30 or 60 seconds backlight auto shut down.

Model DTM-503 DTM-104 DTM-504
Measurement Range 0.5~50kg.f 5~100kg.f 10~500kg.f
Resolution 0.1 0.2 1
Unit kg.f/N/lb kg.f/N/lb kg.f/N/lb
Steel Diameter (mm) 0.9-4.4 1.0-4.0 4.0-14.0
Copper Diameter (mm) 1.0-4.8 2.0~8.0 5.0-18.0
Yarn Diameter (mm) 1.0-5.0 2.0~10.0 5.0-20.0
Accuracy ±2%FS
Size (mm) (W)387x(D)58x(L)316
Weight 2552g
Display and Sampling Frequency 1、2、5、10、20Hz (Optional)
Max. Speed of running line 1000m/m in
Output Signa RS232C, Digital / Analog (Optional)
Database Unit、Max、Min、Avg、Recording Value:Up to 200 groups
Power Supply NiMH Battery 6V/750mAH (10 hrs continuous operation per each charging)
Operating condition 0 ~ 50°C Humidity less than 90%
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