ET series Closed-loop Control Electronic Tensioner


Closed-loop tension control (to sense the running tension and feedback the value to control tension) is achieved.
The precision can be within 2% by automatic control and real time value is displayed by latest OLED display.

Multiple tensions can be set rapidly by changing the input signal for intelligent control purpose.
Tension is controlled by excitation currents to provide high precision and stability tension control, which is independent to winding speed.

1. Easy and Convenient: Simply set the required tension value and it works! No more complex setup.
2. Modbus RTU (485) communication protocol is adopted:
Tension can be monitored and remotely controlled by PC, PLC and different industrial equipment.
3. Real time tension checking: Upper / Lower tension limit alarm, wire broken alarm can be set.

ETA-100/L/R/RD Series:

ETA Tensioner
Model Reference Wire Diameter Range (mm) Tension Range(g.f)
ETA-100/L-R Φ0.04-0.12 10-100
ETA-200/L-R Φ0.06-0.16 15-200
ETA-300/L-R Φ0.08-0.25 30-300
ETA-350/L-R Φ0.08-0.25 30-350
ETA-500/L-R Φ0.12-0.35 60-500
ETA-1000/L-R Φ0.15-0.45 100-1000

ETA100-300 Datasheet    ETA500-1000 Datasheet   ETA1500-2000 Datasheet

ETA-100B/BD Series:

ETB Tensioners
Model Reference Wire Diameter Range (mm) Tension Range(g.f)
Φ0.04-0.12 10-100
Φ0.06-0.16 15-200
Φ0.08-0.25 30-300

ETA-200E/ED Series:

Model Reference Wire Diameter Range (mm) Tension Range(g.f)
Φ0.13-0.29 15-200
Φ0.16-0.39 30-300

ETA Thick Wire Series:

Thick ETA series

Model Reference Wire Diameter Range (mm) Tension Range(g.f)
Φ0.20-0.6 20-2000
Φ0.3-1.0 500-5000

ETD Series Electronic Tensioner (Anti-feedback tension)

The tension is adjusted by current provided. Anti-tension force is adjusted by the slider.

ETD tensioner       

Model Reference Wire Diameter Range (mm) Tension Range(g.f)
Φ0.10-0.25 30-300
    ETD-500    Φ0.12-0.35 60-500
    ETD-800    Φ0.14-0.40 100-800
    ETD-1000    Φ0.15-0.45 100-1000
    ETD-2000    Φ0.20-0.65 200-2000
    ETD-5000    Φ0.40-1.50 800-5000
    ETD-8000     Φ0.40-1.50  975-7500

ETD Datasheet

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