SET series Servo Tensioner

Servo-type tension controllers deliver lines or wires from motor actively instead of traditional tension controllers, which deliver lines in a passive way. The tension value can be changed from replacing the spring inside.
With the tension feedback stabilization system, it can stay in a tension equilibrium status automatically.

The controlled tension is not affected by speed of wire, wire cover and pulleys. It is stable and easy to be adjusted.

SET Spec 

Model Reference Wire Diameter Range (mm) Tension Range (g.f)
SET-100 Φ0.03-0.14 10-100
SET-200 Φ0.03-0.18 10-200
SET-300 Φ0.03-0.22 10-300
SET-500 Φ0.05-0.32 20-500
SET-600 Φ0.05-0.35 22-600
SET-1000 Φ0.10-0.45 30-1000
SET-2000 Φ0.18-0.80 200-2000

The default speed of wires is 5m/s and it can be customized for different requirement.

SET-x00 SET-x00R
SET-X00 Series 
Standard Servo Tension Controller
With external motor to set
two steps of tension values
With tension brake in front side, two
tension steps
With tension brake in front side
DC servo motor speed
reaches 20m/s
Tension wheel on right side.
AC servo motor speed up to 15m/s 
SF3 Latest Model
Designed for high speed winding (20m / s) and square / rectangular wires winding.
Two steps tension control available.

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