WT series Electric Warper Tensioner


WT series Electric Tensioner for warper machine

It is improved from hysteresis brake and specially designed for multiple tension control in a central system in warper machine. Precisely matched hysteresis brakes with fine tuning are adopted. The tension is controlled by current directly system so that stable tension control with excellent consistency and easy adjustment is achieved.

WT Tensioner  

Model Rated Current (mA) Tension Range (g.f)
WT-30 126 5-30
WT-50 192 10-50
WT-100 135 20-100
WT-150 135 30-150


WT2 (Similar to K Mayer AccuTense TYPE B)

Application in textile machine

Warper Machine
Datasheet of Warper Tensioner

Datasheet of MHBET Model

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