MT series Magnetic Tensioner

MT/MTA Series Magnetic Tensioner

Tension torque is generated from the magnetic force so that no mechanical contact inside for long term and stable use. Precision can be guaranteed.


MT-S Series

 MT-L Series
MTA-S Series

 MTA-L Series
MTC Series


Model Reference Wire Diameter Range (mm) Tension Range  (g.f)
MT/MTA/MTC-30 Φ0.02-0.06 3-30
MT/MTA/MTC-100 Φ0.04-0.12 10-100
MT/MTA/MTC-200 Φ0.06-0.16 25-200
MT/MTA/MTC-400 Φ0.08-0.25 50-400
MT/MTA/MTC-600 Φ0.12-0.35 80-600
MT/MTA/MTC-800 Φ0.14-0.40 100-800
MT/MTA-1000 Φ0.14-0.45 100-1000
MT/MTA-1500 Φ0.25-0.50 100-15000

MT series = Standard magnetic tensioner
MTA series = Air-operated magnetic tensioner with attenuation
S series for tension range with 30-400 g.f
L series for tension range with 800-1500 g.f

MT Datasheet   MTL Datasheet   MTA Datasheet
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