MT series Magnetic Tensioner

MT/MTA Series Magnetic Tensioner

Tension torque is generated from the magnetic force so that no mechanical contact inside for long term and stable use. Precision can be guaranteed.

 Magnetic Tensioner, MTS  Magnetic Tensioner, MTL 

MT-S Series

 MT-L Series
 Magnetic Tensioner  Magnetic Tensioner, MTAL
MTA-S Series

 MTA-L Series
     Magnetic Tensioner, MTC  
MTC Series


Model Reference Wire Diameter Range (mm) Tension Range  (g.f)
MT/MTA/MTC-30 Φ0.02-0.06 3-30
MT/MTA/MTC-100 Φ0.04-0.12 10-100
MT/MTA/MTC-200 Φ0.06-0.16 25-200
MT/MTA/MTC-400 Φ0.08-0.25 50-400
MT/MTA/MTC-600 Φ0.12-0.35 80-600
MT/MTA/MTC-800 Φ0.14-0.40 100-800
MT/MTA-1000 Φ0.14-0.45 100-1000
MT/MTA-1500 Φ0.25-0.50 100-15000

MT series = Standard magnetic tensioner
MTA series = Air-operated magnetic tensioner with attenuation
S series for tension range with 30-400 g.f
L series for tension range with 800-1500 g.f

MT Datasheet   MTL Datasheet   MTA Datasheet
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